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Serving Orlando, Florida with qualiaty aerial drone services.


Orlando Aerials is one of the premiere companies in Florida offering beautiful aerial photography, and video drone services at reasonable prices. We are passionate about providing the highest quality aerial video and photography services to our clients in Orlando and surrounding areas of central Florida.

By using the most sophisticated and efficient radio controlled aerial video drones, we capture images from eye level up to 400 feet. The finished aerial video can only be described as a one of a kind awesome experience.

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Jonathan Arias

With a heavy background in interactive design and marketing, Jonathan likes to take videos and pictures with drones in places you could have only imagined. Here for you service today.

Jonathan Arias
Video Editor & Marketing Specialist
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FAA Approved

Orlando Aerial Videos received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration on July 14, 2015 to shoot aerial cinematography using drones.

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Let's fly together! Join our Orlando Drone Club!

Join our Orlando drone club to keep in touch with the lastest trends learn, program, build and fly a personal drone or learn about the amazing technology in compact UAV's.

Orlando Drone Club
For hobbyists and professionals

Aerial Services

We are passionate about providing the highest quality aerial video and photography services to our clients in Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas.

Our services are tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We work closely with you and obtain the maximum impact with stunning aerial imagery for your development, vacation home, special events, fishing, golf, real estate, and more.
Our team at Orlando Aerials prides itself on delivering the best personal professional services. We are efficient, skilled, and reliable.

Video from the air or the ground adds an entirely new perspective to your project.

Audio naration and physical movement maximize the video experience. Date, time, location stamps and subtitles can be easily added to your video.
We can produce videos mutiple formats and even DVD. Multiple copies are available for a nominal fee!

Aerial Mapping - Precision, Accuracy, Efficiency, Reliability

Our aerial data capture and data processing solutions enable you to deliver imaging data more quickly than ever before, saving time and cutting project costs.
3D aerial capturing allows you to share and embed interactive 3D content!

See from the sky how the job is progressing.

Aerial photographs show all of the details of the site and/or surrounding area. Aerial pictures and video provide an excellent measurement of construction progress. We specialize in tracking your progress from ground breaking to completion.
Aerial Photography provide benefits of documenting the construction, which will help promote the quality of work and increase sales.

We are passionate about providing the highest quality aerial video and photography services to our clients in Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas of Florida.

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Why Choose Orlando Aerials?

We’re Creative

We always fly with 2 people on the ground, insuring the best video is captured through the lens while the pilot is flying.

We’re Punctual

Most of our projects are done and sent to the client within 48hrs. *Subject to project conditions and weather.

We have magic

Our videographer specialist not only insures the best footage is captured but also has the spices to insure the video is optimized and exported in the highest possible setting for your viewing audience.

We love drones

We love what we do! This is not just a job but also our passion. Our love towards service, good ethics and drones will be reflected in our work!

We’re responsible

Safety is our number 1 priority while flying. We always insure the drone is always in line of sight and utilize a preflight safety checklist.

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Send us a message to see how our services can take your business to the next level! All quotes are free and no commitment is necessary. We do not share your information with third parties and your personal information is safe with us.

Got Drones?

Let us show you how we can take your bussiness to the next level with our drones!

Jonathan Arias

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