Providing Drone Services For Oil + Gas Industries Worldwide

HD video, still and thermal imagery

Next Level Aerial Inspection Services for Oil + Gas Industries

Drones are better suited for conducting close inspections of vertical surfaces, such as the underside of a bridge or other infrastructure enabling a more efficient workflow. Our pilots follow a pipeline with a thermal camera to see where potential leaks and hotspots are.

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Gas pipeline inspections
Inspection defined around client requirements
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FAA Approved

Orlando Aerial Videos received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration on July 14, 2015 to shoot aerial cinematography using drones.

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Fast and flexible inspections

Oil Inspections
100% coverage of inspection target area

Got Drones?

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

We always fly with 2 people on the ground, insuring the best video is captured through the lens while the pilot is flying.

We’re Punctual

Most of our projects are done and sent to the client within 48hrs. *Subject to project conditions and weather.

We have magic

Our videographer specialist not only insures the best footage is captured but also has the spices to insure the video is optimized and exported in the highest possible setting for your viewing audience.