Drone Consultation Services

Expert advice and strategy on commercial drone implementation

Servicing The State of Florida

Serving Orlando, Florida in collaboration with 107 Aviation.


For more the 4 years Orlando Aerial Videos has supplied construction companies high resolution imagery to construction firms, developers, and project managers for the purpose of supplementing monthly progress reports with aerial photographs, and/or high definition video footage.

By using the most sophisticated and efficient radio controlled aerial video drones, we capture images from eye level up to 400 feet. We fly from the perimeter of the property insuring the procedure is the safest way possible and during off hours when construction activity is paused

Drone Consulting Services Regarding

  • FAA Requirements
  • Airspace Rules & Regulations
  • FAA Exemption Filing
  • Drone Registration
  • Drone Maintience Laws
  • Local State Laws
  • And More...
  • How drones will benefit your company
  • Return on investment
  • Efficiency
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Business Strategy
  • Drone Recommendation
  • Drone Setup & Updates
  • Specialty Application Drones
  • Specialty Drone gear
  • Parts and repair
  • Maintenance Plan

Our Procedure

Data Collection

Step #1

We will send over a online form to collect all necesary information regarding goals your coperation is wanting to accomplish with the use of drones. You can also provide any additional detaßils for us to better comprehend your goal of implementing drones.

Step #2

Whether it be in person or on the phone we will set up a defined date and time to begin the consultation process.

Step #3

Our consultation will take place to answer any questions you may have regarding rules and regulations, implementation, business strategy, drones, gear and maintenance.

Step #4

We will follow up with the client to see how the implemenation process has unfolded and continue advising on any unforseen issues.

Specialty Use Drones

Don't let your company fall behind, the future is here. The drone market is project to be $43.1 billion by 2024. Is your company ready to adapt itself to this new endeavor? Let us give you a hand.

Drone Implementation

There are many solutions to a given problem. In the consistently changing drone industry new tecnologies emerge every day. Let our expert knowledge help guide you to the best solutions with the end goal of making your job envoriment more efficient, effective and precise with the use of drone technology.

Common Questions

We carry liability limits up to $10 million underwritten by Global Aerospace, Inc. We can also add the client name as a additionally insured on our insurance policy.

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Yes, we are fully in law and carry part-107 certification from the FAAand oblige to all rules and regulation of drone flying.
An additional cost of $50 will be added for per 10 additional acres of project space.

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