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Is what you do legal? Where can you fly?
Commercial UAS usage is such a new industry that the policies for governing them are still being established. The FAA is actively working towards regulating and certifying pilots and drones flying in the National Airspace (NAS) for commercial purposes; however, their policies are not yet codified into official law as they apply to UAS. As long as our pilots keep our UAS’ within what is known as “Class G” or “unregulated” airspace, they remain covered and permitted under previously existing legislation relating to model aircraft. Generally this means staying under 400 feet, and away from any airports or other aerial activities. As long as we stay within our ceiling and operate our systems safely, we are cleared for takeoff.
What about safety?
In keeping with the above answer, just because we are allowed to fly, that legality is not a license to put people in harm's way. Our pilots are seasoned and responsible operators with experience on an array of equipment, and have created some safe yet incredible, innovative shots, flying in locales ranging from a kayak race on the Mystic River to an indoor rock-climbing gym. While some drone operators try to fly and operate the camera at the same time, we use a dedicated pilot in addition to a camera operator, so as to allow the pilot total focus on maintaining a safe flight and the cameraman the ability to compose the best shots possible. Additionally, for indoor footage, our quad-copter is outfitted with rotor guards for extra protection.
Where are you located and what areas do you service?
We are located in Somerville, Massachusetts and service all of New England. That being said, we LOVE to travel! If you want to get us on a project that is requires a plane or a long drive then all we ask is that you pay travel and lodging expenses. We are great at finding deals and do not charge a premium for this.
Is your work guaranteed?
Yes! We believe that all aerial photographers should guarantee that you will be satisfied with the images provided. But this is not the case! Our guarantee is this: if you are not completely satisfied with the images that we deliver to you, we will photograph your site again at no additional cost. It is critical to us that our clients are satisfied with their aerial images.
What information do you need from me to get started?
Each photo mission is unique. We may be familiar with your site and need very little information. Or we may need to get detailed location information from you. Please Contact Us directly to get started. We look forward to flying for you!
How high do you fly when you take aerial photos?
In general, we photograph from 500 feet above ground level.
What format do you take your photos?
Unless otherwise requested by our customers, we take each photo in JPEG and RAW format.