Drone Construction Monitoring

Aerial Photography and Video for your next construction site project

Servicing all of Central Florida

Serving Orlando, Florida in collaboration with 107 Aviation.


For more the 4 years Orlando Aerial Videos has supplied construction companies high resolution imagery to construction firms, developers, and project managers for the purpose of supplementing monthly progress reports with aerial photographs, and/or high definition video footage.

By using the most sophisticated and efficient radio controlled aerial video drones, we capture images from eye level up to 400 feet. We fly from the perimeter of the property insuring the procedure is the safest way possible and during off hours when construction activity is paused



$200 Each Week

We shoot 10 photographs on site for you to choose the best 5 for us later edit.

$200 Each Bi-week

We shoot 10 photographs on site for you to choose the best 5 for us later edit.

$250 Each Month

We shoot 10 photographs on site for you to choose the best 5 for us later edit.

$250 Each Shoot

We shoot 10 photographs on site for you to choose the best 5 for us later edit.

Our Procedure

After communicating with the project manager on how often aerial footage will need to be taken we set a formal schedule for us to automatically shoot the location while weather permits. Once the footage intervals are scheduled you can trust our team will take care of the rest.
Once the footage has been captured at the location within 24hrs we deliver the shots via Dropbox link to your email for you to download the assets or to choose which 5 pictures you would like to be edited (such as size, ratio, or other adjustments).
After the edits (if necessary) we deliver the assets to your email via drop box link for you to download electronically.

1 Million Liability Insurance

Liability limits up to $10 million underwritten by Global Aerospace, Inc. We can also add the client name to a policy.

Insured Operations
Protection up to $1 million
flying drone

FAA Approved

Orlando Aerial Videos received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration on July 14, 2015 to shoot aerial cinematography using drones.

for commercial aerial services

Photography Requirements

Working with local government rules and regulations is very important, after working with local construction companies for years we are experienced on the local goverments expection on photography quantity and prints.

Fulfillable Requirements
Experienced with construction companies

From Start to Finish

Show your future clients your past projects with high quality imagery. We can capture before and after footage to really show what your company is capture of accomplishing.

Drone Construction Monitoring

Construction site monitoring is revolutionazing the way project managers present progress reports. With weekly, bi-weekly or monthly site visits we can obtain high resolution photography and video allowing you to view the project without being on site.

Got Drones?

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

We always fly with 2 people on the ground, insuring the best video is captured through the lens while the pilot is flying.

We’re Punctual

Most of our projects are done and sent to the client within 48hrs. *Subject to project conditions and weather.

We have magic

Our videographer specialist not only insures the best footage is captured but also has the spices to insure the video is optimized and exported in the highest possible setting for your viewing audience.


Below is a collection of our aerial images and videos from different locations and subjects from around the state of Florida. Click below to view a larger version or to view the project page. Other specific portfolio examples available upon request.