Aerial Video for Construction Sites

Aerials for your next construction site project
Construction Aerials

Construction Aerials is an aerial imaging company that provides high resolution imagery to construction firms, developers, and project managers for the purpose of supplementing monthly progress reports with aerial photographs, stop-motion imagery, and/or high definition video footage.

Experts + Experience

Construction Aerials uses state-of-the-art photography equipment mounted to precision gps located multi-rotor copters to deliver the highest quality imagery in the safest and most efficient manner possible. We can provide an array of digital offerings to suit any project's required delivery. We also provide aerial 3D mapping as a alternative to better display developments and projects.

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Got Drones?

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

We always fly with 2 people on the ground, insuring the best video is captured through the lens while the pilot is flying.

We’re Punctual

Most of our projects are done and sent to the client within 48hrs. *Subject to project conditions and weather.

We have magic

Our videographer specialist not only insures the best footage is captured but also has the spices to insure the video is optimized and exported in the highest possible setting for your viewing audience.