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Below is a collection of our available for your project. However, if your project requires something not shown we also have the ability to adjust or find the drone need for your specific needs.
red epic

Epic Red Dragon




Matrice 100


Inspire 1 + RAW

heavy lift drone

Heavy Lift Drone

inspire thermal

Inspire 1 + Thermal + 4k

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Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

We always fly with 2 people on the ground, insuring the best video is captured through the lens while the pilot is flying.

We’re Punctual

Most of our projects are done and sent to the client within 48hrs. *Subject to project conditions and weather.

We have magic

Our videographer specialist not only insures the best footage is captured but also has the spices to insure the video is optimized and exported in the highest possible setting for your viewing audience.